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What can we say about Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature that hasn't already been yelled at us from the windows of passing cars? Not much, it turns out.

Dr. San Guinary has this lab, you see...


We're not really sure what he's a doctor of...or if he actually is a doctor at all.

He's always broke, always scheming, and always one step behind the game.


His already-miserable life is made even worse by his nurses, Lacee, Shelby, Lily McGillicudy, and the Nurse In Black. And things aren't made any better by his “friends” Otis the Kritter Gitter, Larry the Woofman, the Professor or that wacky Dollar Deer!

Add in an incompetent "mailman", a cute but inherently evil candy striper, and a whole busload of other folks sent to make Doc's life miserable, and you'll see why this poor schmuck just can't catch a break! You'll understand why he numbs the pain with terrible horror and sci-fi flicks.


Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature debuts its 11th season on Sunday, April 7th 2023 on WUCW-23, the CW affiliate in Minneapolis/St. Paul and FOX 17 in Des Moines, Iowa . During season, each weeks full episode will be posted Sunday mornings on both the main page and the MEDIA tab of the site. It's always free, and in HD!

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