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Doc's lab is hidden deep beneath the Mall of the Bluffs (Bluffs Bluffs Bluffs). Come check out all the nifty stores and try out the great food in the FoodCourt!

1751 Madison Ave.

Council Bluffs IA 51503 712-323-9986


6336 Grover Street

Omaha NE 68106




Badger Body & Truck Equipment Co. Inc. has been Omaha's number

one source of truck equipment for over 100 years. Badger Body has a

full range of equipment for trucks of all sizes, from your pickup to your

heavy-duty work truck. Service bodies, flatbeds, toolboxes, lights,

liftgates, van interiors and more, Badger Body is EVERYTHING in

truck equipment.

Piano tuning is a dying art. Patrick Louden at Louden Tuning is a dying artist. Dying to make your piano sound like new again. For comprehensive tuning, maintenance, and repair of your piano, make sure to contact Louden Tuning right away!


5115 NW Radial Highway

Omaha, NE 68104


Voodoo's Odd Shop is your one-stop shop for the strange, the unusual, and the eclectic. Part retail store, part museum, all eye-opening, the ever-changing selection of natural history items (as well as other rare and one-of-a-kind items) will amaze, fascinate, and delight you. Whether you're looking for that perfect gift, or just a conversation starter of your own, make sure to visit Voodoo's Odd Shop. They also carry a variety of reptile supplies.

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