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001 Dr San Guinary.jpg

Dr. San Guinary

Doc has his lab deep beneath the haunted schoolhouse in the idyllic Village of Nehawka. That's where he carries out his strange experiments, launches his get-rich-schemes, and hides out from various torch-and-pitchfork-carrying villagers. He's old (incredibly old), cranky, broke, and out-of-touch, but loves animals and truly does have a heart of gold (or, at least, tarnished tinfoil). You never know what weird science, half-baked plot, or just general stupidity he'll get up to next!

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002 Nurse Lacee.jpg

Nurse Lacee

Nurse Lacee is Doc's chief enforcer...err, chief helper. She's surly, sneaky, and smart. She's just as confident whether she has a test tube in her hand or a fifth of bourbon and, sometimes, one in each. She's summoned a demon, raised the dead, and got accepted to Warthogs School of Witchcraft & Transmission Repair.

She just isn't happy that she was placed in Pufflehuff.

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Nurse Shelby

Nurse Shelby is, well, let's be airhead. She's quick-witted, funny, and a good nurse, but she's still an airhead. That being said, she sure does out-think Doc an awful lot...

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004 Nurse Banana Web.jpeg

Nurse Banana

Nurse Banana doesn't say much, but when she does, you'd better listen. Because she doesn't talk very loud, and she doesn't like to repeat herself. And don't make her mad. Seriously.

006 Nurse In Black.jpg

Nurse in Black

The Nurse In Black is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, and then poured into a nurses uniform. She doesn't come around much (usually working the night shift) but when she does, watch out! She's got a heart bigger than Doc's head, and curves in places most people don't even have places!

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McGillicudy HS.jpg

Nurse McGillicudy

Nurse McG is, how should we put this, absolutely unhinged. When she’s not yelling at Doc, she’s at anger management class (completely ignoring the instructor) or going to the break room and taking a sledgehammer to literally everything. Piss her off at your own risk…

Lily HS_edited.jpg

Nurse Lily

Nurse Lily is like a broken see-saw..totally unbalanced.

She's like a roller coaster in the never know if you'll hit peaks or valleys. She's like 26 cents short of a buck. Porch light is on, but it's flickering. She fits right in, is what we're saying. Voted "Most Likely To Kill A Squirrel With A Fork Because It Was SO Cute!" in her high-school yearbook.


Otis The Kritter Gitter

Otis is the leading citizen and resident of the trailer park just down the hill from the lab. He is an industrious sort, supplementing his main income (Varmint Bustin') with a variety of odd sidelines, like Woofman Wranglin', Reality TV Starrin', Lab Paintin', Illegal Energy Drink Manufacturin', and Advanced Astrophysics. Wait, one of those doesn't sound right...

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Many years ago, Doc found a cute little ball of fluff on his doorstep. Being an animal lover, Doc brought the abandoned little thing into his home (probably to fatten up for eating). Almost overnight, that adorable little fuzzball grew up to become Larry The Woofman. Half-man, half-woof, all lazy, Larry hangs out playing video games, drinking highly caffeinated beverages, and bumming quarters off Doc for trips to the corner convenience store.

He is allergic to employment. It's true. Put a job close to him and he breaks out in sleep.

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Professor Gilbert Cowznofski

The Professor is an annoying egghead scientist who works for “The Government”. He's always popping in to bamboozle Doc into solving whatever current problem is bothering his Government Masters (even though they usually caused the problem to begin with), and invariably cheating Doc out of his just compensation for the job. The Professor also occasionally hijacks Doc's show with his own little educational broadcast, “Professor Gilbert Cowznofski's Mysteries Of Science With Your Host Professor Gilbert Cowznofski”. We just call it 'Mysteries Of Science” because we're not idiots.

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010 Kandi The Candy Striper.jpg

Kandi the Candy Striper

Nobody is quite sure where Kandi came from. Most of Doc's patients aren't in any condition to request candy bars, magazines, or flowers (except the ones people put on their caskets), so there really isn't a need for a Candy Striper around the lab. She's here to stay, though. She's cute, but she's got an evil streak deep inside. She can out-scheme Doc, out-think the Professor, and out-lazy Larry. She's a triple threat.

012 Mailman Earl.jpg

Mailman Earl

Mailman Earl is the local postal worker (we think) who handles the route that serves the trailer park and Doc's lab. He's always happy to help, and can always tell you what's in the mail.

Literally. Like what's INSIDE the mail. He takes his job very seriously. And he takes the mail. Seriously.

014 Bernie Shapiro.JPG

Bernie Shapiro

Last, and certainly least, is Doc's manager, agent, and lawyer Bernie Shapiro. Bernie is a visionary, a forward-thinker, a dreamer. In other words, he makes crap up. Ostensibly devoted to making Doc a star, he actually seems most devoted to his 74.2% commission. We know this seems high, but this figure was negotiated during a meeting between Doc's manager, his agent, and his lawyer, so we're sure it's all legit.

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