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Christopher Palmer

Christopher Palmer was born in April of 1921 in Canoga Falls, Wisconsin. He was the eldest son of Midge and Harry Palmer, a pair of genetically-altered sea monkeys. Christopher grew up to claim the title of "Fattest Kid In Wisconsin" at the State Fair in 1933, in a hotly contested competition. This was an early indication of the future he had ahead of him. After drifting and grifting from town-to-town, always one step ahead of the law and his numerous ex-wives, he finally settled in a small burg on the big prairie. They say, on quiet nights when the moon is full, you can still hear him crying out for hemorrhoid relief.

Lacee Newbanks.jpg

Lacee Newbanks

Lacee, born in Omaha, Nebraska, has all the hallmarks of your classic Cancer/Leo mix (mainly the hard, chitinous shell of a crab, and the heart of a lion, which she keeps in a small bag in her top dresser drawer). She is always quick with her smart mouth, yet always has a smile hiding behind her smirk. She has a talent for painting, but her main passion is shown by her fierce love for the care and protection of all animals. When she isn't trying out new medical procedures on Creature Feature, she uses her love of needles as a Professional Body Piercer. Say hi to Lacee if you see her around, but remember, she has high heels and knows how to use them! Lacee made her first appearance on the show late in the first season, 2013.

Shelby Headshot.jpg

Shelby Mikesell

Demon to some, angel to others. Shelby is a 24-year old Omaha resident. In her quest to make Omaha less ugly, she is a barber at a local barbershop owned by Josh Jones, a son of the original Dr. San Guinary. Shelby made her Creature Feature debut in 2018, appearing on the season 6 episode "Nan Guinary". In her free time she enjoys working in her crisis garden (consisting of 4 pepper plants, tomatoes, cilantro, and a fruitful strawberry plant which has provided 2 entire strawberries for her to ration thus far). She also enjoys her down time by playing with her dog Carlin, named after the great George Carlin. She also has a cat named Azatoth she loves very much. More than most people.

Rebecca Hatch.jpg

Rebecca Hatch

Rebecca was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She enjoys long-distance backpacking and has completed the entire Appalachian Trail, as well as approximately half of the Pacific Crest Trail! She has been to 7 different countries outside of the U.S. She loves to sing, and covers songs on her ukulele. One of her favorite pastimes is finding ways to make old favorites into new vegan recipes. Rebecca first appeared on the show in 2017.

Moni Ventura Cropped.jpg

Moni Ventura

Raised in Omaha, the Missouri River gave Moni her love of traveling, and her Italian-Mexican heritage sparks her passion for fiery food and adventure. Voted "Most Likely To Break Hearts" in high school, Moni has taken her interest in blood and used it to become a registered phlebotomist, where she can stick and move. Oh, and also save lives. A big fan of zombies, Moni is always up for a scary movie and can certainly tell you the best way to survive 28 days later. Moni first appeared on the show late in the first season, 2013.

Mikey Taylor Cropped.jpg

Mikey Taylor

The wacky, offbeat personality of Otis the Kritter Gitter isn’t a far stretch from the true nature of the man behind the overalls, Mikey Taylor. Typically good natured and quick witted, Mikey enjoys keeping both friends and strangers entertained with his irreverent antics. When he’s not goofing off for his own amusement, Mikey enjoys creating the illusion of carnage through a special effects team that he heads, Mizfit Toys FX. A passion for makeup artistry and a life-long love of horror films, both good and craptastic, also led to the creation of Mikey’s other alter ego; the silent, rotting maniac Tweaky the Clown.

On a more serious note, Mikey also has a passion for teaching the Japanese martial art of Aikido, which he has been involved with for around 30 years. Always seeking a way to channel his creative energy, he can often be found playing guitar and singing or telling tales of his free-spirited life on stage with The Samurai of Spoken Word, of which he’s a founding member. Any sort of artistic expression is fair game as far as Mikey’s concerned, and he has used common materials such as paint on canvas, or oddball things like toilet paper to create works of art. Mikey found a home with Creature Feature in 2011 when a case of mistaken identity landed him a meeting with Doc and the rest, as they say, is history.

If asked what sort of food defines their personality, many people would consider answering with a fine steak or fancy lobster tail. Mikey is fairly certain that his answer would be a sloppy joe. You’re just never quite certain what you’re gonna get, but it’s almost always gonna be satisfying.

Eric Cramer Cropped.jpg

Eric Cramer

One morning in the mid 70's, a small southern city had tornado warnings. Little did they know that another natural disaster was about to occur. Eric Cramer was born that fateful day in the wee hours of the morning, and he hasn't been up that early since. His formative years were infused with Star Wars, Sammy Terry, horror films & a variety of albums on his Crayola record player. He went to about 30 different schools before graduating. Not one to stay in one place, he continued this trend into adulthood, moving to multiple cities in multiple states. In 2013, after a chance meeting with Doc 6 months prior, Eric starting working with Creature Feature. At first playing bit roles such as a film pimp, the stars aligned one fateful day. At a live show, the person cast as a werewolf had a medical issue & had to bow out. Eric took over the role with great success. Since this werewolf died in the script, the writers of the show scrambled to come up with a new character for Eric. One fateful October night in Sioux City Iowa, Larry the Slacker Woofman was born. The rest, as they say, is history.....

Moose Epperson Cropped.jpg

Moose Epperson

Moose Epperson has a long and varied career in the entertainment industry, having performed at the Omaha Community Playhouse, The Emmy Gifford Childrens Theater, The Grande Olde Players, and The Bellevue Little Theater, among others. Moose also has an extensive background in radio, having worked for 1290 KOIL in Omaha, and KLAL/KELR in Lamoni and Chariton, Iowa, respectively. He was also a staple on local television in the mid-90's, co-creating and co-hosting the sketch comedy show “Coming Up Next???”. In the early 2000's he created and hosted a web-series (that was later broadcast on local television) that focused on local original musicians, called “Lost In Omaha”. Moose is also an accomplished musician and songwriter, having played with several bands throughout the years, including Dulaman, Short Time Livin', Loud Son, The Backseat Deacons, and perennial Halloween favorites, the Damn Fine Lookin' Fake Bats. Moose made his first on-air appearance with the show late in the first season, 2013, and has been with the show ever since.

Rebekah Epperson Cropped.jpg

Bekah Epperson

Bekah has been a performer for most of her life. She has been very active in theatrical performances at school, as well as choir. As a freshman she was awarded a varsity letter for an "Outstanding Performance" in her school entry to the One Act theatrical competition. Bekah loves to sing and often writes her own original compositions on piano and ukulele. She is also a videographer and editor. She would love to continue as an actress as she gets older, but also aspires to be a brain surgeon, an ASL Interpreter, or an elementary school teacher. She has been on the show since 2013.

Helena Whitaker.jpg

Helena Whitaker

Though her day job is being a Database Administrator at a university, Helena is at heart an actress. From parts on TVs "Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature", to recording books and magazines for the visually impaired through the Nebraska Library Commission, to parts in area plays and movies, being someone else has always had a certain appeal. When Helena is not working in either area, her much-deserved R&R includes reading Harry Potter Fan Fiction (the price is right!). Helena first appeared on the show in the third season, 2015, and has played a wide variety of important roles both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Erik Luna.jpg

Erik Luna

Erik Luna grew up watching the original Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature and has been a longtime fan. Long before he appeared on the new show, Erik could be found in the audience at Creature Feature Live events, helping to support the show and its charity work. He was brought onto the show after performing alongside other Creature Feature cast members in a short film. Erik debuted on the show in the fifth season, 2017. Away from the show, Erik is also a mentalist who entertains and amazes audiences with his mind powers. Email him for booking info!

Hunter Oakley Cropped.jpg

Hunter Oakley

A lifelong 80's Rock Fan, Hunter collects "Vintage" concert T-shirts, practices guitar, and sings loudly to everyone nearby, even during driving lessons. This fall Hunter starts as an A.P Honor Freshman at Central H.S. and will continue Cross Country, building sets for plays and might join the 'Ghost Hunters Club'. Hunter is always ready to do whatever is needed to help out the scene or the show, from delivering lines and being abused on-camera all the way to hauling gear and being abused off-camera. Hunter joined the cast in 2018.

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