Preorder your copy of the Dr. San Guinary Scrapbook through January 2nd.


Nine years of research culminating in over 460 pages of interviews and exciting photographs covering the life of Omaha TV hero John Jones and his volumes of charity work with Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature.


Learn about John from the people who knew him best- family, friends and co-workers at KMTV, the Ralston Volunteer Fire Department and his cohorts with the MDA telethons. Many exclusive photos and memorabilia items pictured.


Book also includes a historic visit with earlier KMTV horror hosts and kids show personalities. A DVD containing both Creature Feature Volumes 1 and 2 is included, with surviving Creature Feature cut-ins and Doc at work with the MDA Fishbowl.


A blast from the past you will want in your book collection! Order today!


Estimated delivery date late February.


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