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The Dr. San Guinary Scrapbook features nine years of research by author (and current Dr. San Guinary) Christopher Palmer!


Take a blast into the past and revisit KMTVs Creature Feature TV program with its wacky host, Dr. San Guinary! Over 460 heavily illustrated pages explore the life of John Jones and his career in television along with his dedicated work helping Omaha to raise funds for the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon and other charities. Learn about Jones from the people who knew him best- his family, friends and coworkers! This book also covers early Omaha kids show hosts and its rich history with TV horror hosts from the 1950s to the present!


If you watched Creature Feature from 1971-1981, you will not want to miss this exciting stroll through the 1970s revisiting Dr. San Guinary and his adventures! Book includes dual layer DVD of Creature Feature, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2!


This softcover book will be slated for late October delivery either by USPS or at a special weekend event in Omaha in Omaha where you may pick up your book and have it signed in person by the author!


​PLEASE NOTE: This book is a "print on demand" item. All orders up until October first will take three weeks to print and ship to Omaha, where they will be mailed and weekend signing event will take place. A second presale will take place in November for December deliver.


$45.00 - Pick up event in Omaha (late October)

$55.00 - Shipped via USPS insured and registered within the United States.


​Please contact us at if you need shipping rates for Canada or Overseas.


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