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The Dr. San Guinary Film Festival dates all the way back to the original show back in the 1970's. Here's a couple of entries from back then to make you hungry for more...or make you lose your appetite...

Our first classic is a silent film called "Possessed"...
Our next classic is called "Frankenstein Walks Again" and features the original Doc (John Jones) introducing it and providing commentary...
Now we move to a modern-day entry. This was for one of the current show's Film Festivals. The entries were longer in those days. This is a great little film called "Whos Revenge"...


Our first 2020 Film Festival entry comes from Omaha, Nebraska, submitted by
S. Coddington Boswell, and is titled
Our next 2020 entry comes to us from Carter Lake, Iowa, submitted by
Amanda Peck/Red Casket Productions, and is titled
"How Many Days"...
The next 2020 entry comes to us all the way from Melbourne, Australia, submitted by David Black, and is titled
"Dark Night of the Zomboogies"...
The penultimate entry to our 2020 film festival comes to us from
Council Bluffs, Iowa,
submitted by
Andrew Chambers,
and is called
"Dad Made Eggs"...
Last, but certainly not least, the final entry in the 2020
Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature
Film Festival,
here's a film from the land of show business, Los Angeles California,
submitted by Michael J. Epstein,
and titled
Now that you've seen 'em all, please visit our Facebook page here and let us know which one was your favorite and why!
Or which one you hated the most and why!
Or just ask us "Why?"
We don't care. We just crave the attention.